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The Art Of Breath Ensemble Live - 2017 TD Jazz Festival
John MacMurchy Music

The Art Of Breath Ensemble Live - 2017 TD Jazz Festival



"It's an honest sound that John uses to converse with the listener. Nothing is hidden. It's all there on the table. Heart. Experience. Pleasure. Life." -Sheldon Zandboer

John MacMurchy is a performer, composer and recording artist based in Toronto. A woodwind player, John concentrates on clarinet, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone and is fluent in jazz and classical repertoire. He has released four full length records to critical acclaim and international airplay. John has worked with international artists as varied as Warren Vache, Howard Alden, Guido Basso, Henry Mancini, Cleo Laine, Linda Ronstadt, Carol Channing, Peter Appleyard, John Dankworth as well as being in demand as a sideman on the Toronto scene. 

"John MacMurchy is a fleet, accomplished reedman with a knack for writing and arranging. John's got everything together and balanced out when it comes to: Tone, Technique extraordinaire, and seemingly unending ideas."


2018 - John MacMurchy’s Art Of Breath, Volume Two (comp., arr., saxophone, clarinet, flute)

2018 - Tiki Collective, Muse (baritone sax)

2018 - Brenda Brown (in post-production) (alto sax and clarinet)

2017 - LJ Folk, Near You (tenor sax)

2017 - Tom Leadbeater (baritone sax, bass clarinet)

2017 - The Willows, Tea For Three (clarinet)

2017 - String Quartet for Modern Dance (composer, producer)

2016 - John MacMurchy’s Art Of Breath, Volume One (comp., arr., saxophone, clarinet,harmonica)
2016 - June Garber, This I Know (tenor saxophone)
2016 - Tom Leadbeater {in post-production} (Baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet)
2016 - Debbie Fleming, Back to Bacharach (tenor and alto saxophone)
2014 - John MacMurchy, Silent Partner (comp., arr., saxophone, clarinet)
2013 - Richard Smyth, The Last Grab (tenor saxophone)
2012 - Denise Leslie, You Don’t Know What Love Is (tenor saxophone)
2011 - Douglas Watson R&B Revue, Broken Hearted Man (tenor and alto sax, arr.)
2010 - Water On The Table {documentary film score} (clarinet and bass clarinet)
2008 - Nimmons ’N’ Nine Now (clarinet, comp., arr.)
2008 - Richard Smyth, Sleight Of Hand (tenor saxophone)
2005 - N’Awlins All Stars (tenor saxophone)
2004 - John MacMurchy, Outside The Ministry Of Truth (tenor sax, clarinet, comp., arr.)

2004 - Debbie Fleming, Steppin’ Out (tenor and alto saxophone)
2000 - Pat Temple, One Song At A Time (clarinet, tenor saxophone)
1999 - John MacMurchy, Product ’58 (clarinet, bari/alto/tenor sax, flute, comp., arr.)

1997 - David Johannesson, Hard Times (tenor saxophone)
1994 - The Fingertips, New Town Rebound {U.K.} (tenor and alto sax, arr.)
1990 - Pat Temple, Stone Boat (clarinet, tenor saxophone) 



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Photo - Jen Squires
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Photo - Bill Beard
Photo - Bill Beard
Photo - Sebastian Hergott
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